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Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

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Can you imagine sitting all day on any chair without back pain?

Back pain is a common, naggy painful problem that many people experience, especially if spending long hours sitting at work. Sitting for extended periods can actually be very harmful to your body. Now feel the ultimate level of relief and extraordinary comfort like never before with our memory foam Back Relief Lumbar Pillow.

Ergonomically designed for back pain relief

Our Back Relief Lumbar Pillow is contoured to relieve lower back pressure for office workers, drivers, home, or anyone who sit for long hours and experience back pain. It instantly adds satisfying lumbar support to your chair helping you enjoy improved comfort and enhanced productivity.

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Improves posture & conforms to natural back curve 

Our pillow offers firm targeted support to your lower, mid, and upper middle back, helping to keep your back and spine in perfect position and reducing the load on your back muscles for long hours of sitting comfort.

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Breathable and durable 

Crafted from breathable elastic polyester fabric, the Back Relief Lumbar Pillow keeps you cool and comfy for extended sitting

 Enjoy Back Pain Relief Anywhere

Enjoy better back support & soothing back pain relief for your office
computer chair, car or airplane seats, bed, sofa & couch. 

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Product information:

Jacket material: cotton
Filling material: memory foam
Material: Polyurethane
Size: 39*38*10 cm
Care: Removable and washable cover. 


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